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Michelle's business will grow by leaps and bounds...and she has a baby on the way!

Date: January 31, 2006
From: Stephen Beck

All my friends said I was insane...

when I walked away from a lucrative construction business that I had spent the last 20 years building with my own two hands!

"How could you just walk away?"

"How are you going to feed your family?"

And to make matters worse, I wanted to attend Seminary knowing that a new pastor's salary would be barely above the poverty level...and my teenage kids were just about to enter college.

The only way I could swing all this was to have a profitable family business that would support me while I attended Seminary AND when I got out. The one thing I learned in the construction industry is that it is very hard to move your loyal customers to another state!

So, I also wanted a business that I could take with me anywhere in the country (or the world, for that matter!), not incur debt, and allow me to work from home. I also wanted to get away from the constant stress found in owning a construction business. The only business I could think of that had all of these advantages was an internet business.

So, I went to an internet business seminar.


And I was totally astounded to find . . .

that the average person could learn all they need to know to start a profitable family business in a single weekend! That's right. With expert guides who share their proven systems (that even a child could implement), there is no reason why anyone can not follow the steps to a rewarding business that involves the whole family.

Because I was attending Seminary in the Fall, I needed to start a business RIGHT AWAY! Now, there is the slow way and there is the fast way. The slow way is to research ALL of the different types of businesses on the internet, learn ALL of the different technologies for putting a page that can take orders on the web and to painstakingly sift through ALL of the products you can sell online. And maybe in a few years, if you don't get discouraged and quit, you MAY be selling a few items on the internet.

The FAST WAY is to let an experienced guide take you by the hand and walk you through a proven system. Someone who can answer your questions and help you make decisions. Which method would you rather pursue? Which one has better results? Well, it was a no-brainer for me!

Therefore, we have assembled a team of internet experts to do just that. These are people who have demonstrable business expertise and who have a proven track record of success with an online business. And best of all...they embrace a Christian worldview!


Peter like the "nuts and bolts" approach of the Family E-biz Expo...without all the hype!


Why this conference?

Many are waking up to the fact that the world has too much control on how we work, how much money we make and how much time we spend with our families.

And this doesn't even take into account that our children are not learning the entrepreneurial skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. Something has to change.

Although every business requires work, an internet business being no exception, we have assembled a conference to make starting your own profitable family business as Fool-Proof as possible by providing:

  • Expert Speakers - We have chosen speakers who are experts in their field, successful with their own businesses, and have a perspective that follows Christian principles of fairness, integrity and business relationships for life.
  • Proven Systems - Our speakers will share systems for your business that are easy to follow, produce replicable results and are proven to be profitable.
  • Networking Tips - One of the greatest ways to jumpstart a business is to find others with similar interests and create products together. We will provide you with tips on how to network with the speakers and other attendees - even if you are the shy, quiet type.
  • Business Concepts That You Will Fit Your Personality - Our speakers will teach you ways to build your business that you and your customers will feel comfortable with.


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Taking more control over your life

while giving your children the skills

to be the leaders of tomorrow!



Janet can't wait to share what she learned with her husband...who is behind her 100%!


You are so close and may not even realize it!

When my daughter needed help with pitching in softball, I tried to help her.

What a disaster that was!

I didn't know the first thing about pitching a softball even though I had seen it done many times. So we found a pitching coach and her pitching immediately improved.

A coach knows the right tools to use and the best way to implement those tools. He also has the experience to diagnose problems and point you in the right direction. Best of all, a good coach has a plan of attack. A plan that he has used over and over with hundreds of people just like you.

Let's face it. You may surf the internet and may have even sold a few items on eBay, but you probably don't know what it takes to be successful on the Internet. It's not your fault. How can you be blamed for something you don't know? But, a wise person will realize their limitations and listen to a coach.

A coach that can take you by the hand and tell you what you are doing right and where you need to improve. That's what the Family E-Biz Expo provides for you. You can capitalize on opportunities with "coaches" in small group settings to learn what is necessary for your business, whether you are just starting or you are a seasoned business owner. 



Joseph Parton

Discover how Joseph Parton went from a restaurant manager to an inspiring and broke entrepreneur to a successful business owner, marketer, and trainer developing a $200,000 income his first successful year growing from there.

You will learn how you can develop powerful in-demand information products using the power of audio and video just as Joseph has. Even more importantly, you will learn how to create a tidal wave of paying customers.

You will learn about techniques such as getting a website up quick, how to name brand you and your business, free media coverage, becoming a recognized authority in your market, developing a large subscriber list, creating targeted and profitable website traffic immediately, and much more. Finding customers and creating sales for your business is the challenge that most business owners must overcome!

More on Joseph's Fast Track to a Successful Business

David Hancock

David L. Hancock, nominated for Fast Company's Fast 50 for 2006 for his leading creative thinking - who has already made significant accomplishments but whose best is yet to come, and stands to have a significant impact on the next 10 years.

David has revolutionized book publishing - from the author's standpoint.  His Entrepreneurial Publishing(TM) model enriches authors as well as his company.

Actively working with his authors to help them not only maximize revenue from their book royalties, but also build new business and increase their revenue substantially through follow-on sales to their readers.

One of David's core values is having strong and mutually beneficial relationships.  "We've spent years developing many of the key business relationships that allows us to get our books in bookstores and the widespread Web coverage we've been able to achieve.  We intend to stay constant in our pursuit of positive relationships with people in all facets of our business, and we see that as a strategic advantage."

Discover David's unique method of publishing books

Bob Farewell

Do you and your children ever dream of owning a business?

Does your family want Dad to come home?

Do you seem to invent new businesses ideas out of thin air?

Learn from successful entrepreneur Bob Farewell about how to implement a lifestyle of learning and the use of mentors to help your family achieve their desired goals and dreams.

Find out more about Bob's use of mentoring

Kerry Beck

Wife & mom throughout the week, Kerry Beck started Curriculum Connection six years ago as a way to teach business and entrepreneurial skills to her kids.  Before she knew it, Curriculum Connection grew to be a major source of income for her family. 

In the process of growing Curriculum Connection, Kerry discovered eBay and the power of selling online. She started with all that junk in her home before she moved from Texas to Idaho. Then, she discovered how to make eBay a vital part of the family business.  Within four months of selling on eBay, she became a Power Seller, which takes a minimum of three months to earn .

Discover how you can use eBay to meet your goals...whether that is an extra $300 a month or replacing your family income. Learn how to start your family business from scratch and involve your children at the same time. Then, you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

Hear Kerry's Tips for Starting a Profitable eBay Business

Craig Perrine

Would you like to have dozens (maybe even hundreds) of people subscribing to your email list every single day, even if you take the entire week off and never turn your computer on?

Would you like those people on your list anxiously waiting for every email you send them, reading the entire email that very same day it arrives, even asking if you are OK if they don't get an email from you?  

Would you then like those people to take immediate action on your emails; each email you send putting significant cash into your pocket, letting you rest peacefully at night knowing you never have to worry about money again?

Craig is the Online King when it comes to building email lists of people who eagerly want what you have to sell...over and over and over...

Check Out Craig's Stategies for Building a Responsive List

Stephen Beck

Feeling the call to enter full-time Christian ministry, Stephen Beck shut down his lucrative construction company in Texas and moved his family to a small seminary in Moscow, Idaho.

Wanting a business that he could take anywhere in the world while working from home, he and his wife, Kerry, started an online homeschool curriculum store. He later started FamilyEbiz, a company designed to teach families how to start businesses.

"Mr. Meat and Potatoes", Stephen Beck shares the nuts and bolts of starting an online business in a way that anyone can follow. He uses video tutorials to show rather than tell, teaching families in a humorous, yet poignant way.

His passions are discipling his three children and leading younger believers to maturity in Christ, which he combines with his other passion of teaching families to start their own businesses!

Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Starting a Family Internet Business


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The problem with starting a business is that it takes time and money. And even if you research a business for years, there is no guarantee that it will be successful. You will have to find the right product, the right tools and the right market and even then, you can only hope that you are heading in the right direction.


Or, you can spend a weekend with us (through the CD's!)
and learn all you need to
jumpstart your business in a single weekend!

The promoters of this spectacular Event are Christians. Although we believe that Christianity must pervade every facet of a believer's life, the purpose of this event is to give rock-solid business advice for you to go home and implement immediately.  Even though the Bible pertains to all aspects of life, this is not a Bible study... We will be giving you information to improve the bottom line of your business.

David is a seasoned internet marketer got a lot out of the Family E-biz Expo...
we satisfied newbies and veterans alike!

I want to be fair with your wallet...

Most conferences of this caliber charge $1000 or more to attend. Each one of these speakers is an expert in their field and can easily charge $500 per hour of consultation.

But, I want to be fair with your wallet, Besides, I want this to be affordable for your family.

I know from experience that it is much better when Kerry and I attend the same conference. We come home with similar goals and the same excitement. For this reason, I am charging only $197 for you and a guest.

Only $197 for These Great CD's!!!

* * * WHAT A DEAL!!! * * *


 Now, that is a steal for what you will receive. You will not find a comparable internet business conference with the same caliber of experts for any where near that price. 

Don't wait another minute to get the CD's of our Family E-Biz Expo. This is as close to inheriting a business as it gets! A reasonably-priced conference for the whole family from a Biblical worldview. You will not find another conference like this one, so . . .

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Best of Success,
Stephen Beck
Stephen Beck

P.S.- It's now time for you to take that first step. I will help you learn what you need to know to create your own profitable business. If not now, when?!?

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