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July 1-7, 2012

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To take advantage of our drastic slashes in price, click on each of the packages below.  If you have a question, please email stephenbecklive <at> gmail <dot> com or call 979-703-5724.  We will do our best to answer your questions.  Please be patient.

Homeschool Products

Thomas Jefferson Declaration of IndependenceTeaching Language Arts

***  All IEW orders will receive a FREE COPY of our Independence Day Writing Lesson about Thomas Jefferson.  Click here to see a list of all our IEW Teaching Writing & Teaching Reading resources.

Discover the Secrets to Giving Your Children a Biblical Education

Don’t leave your children behind as you choose the best techniques to educate them.  So many choices and we help you make a wise decision so your children have the BEST education possible. This is a complete roadmap to homeschool success that shows you exactly how to choose what’s best in your homeschool.

Birding For Everyone

Looking for a fun family activity this summer?  Birding is it!  Everything you need to become a bird expert – common birds, habitats, recipes and more!

Summer Homeschool Package

What’s the best way to homeschool your kids this coming year?  So many approaches to homeschooling, which is best for you & your family?  Use this pack to choose the best approach to homeschooling. Also includes excellent resources for each approach to homeschooling.  And, while you’re at it, get

Teaching History & Bible

Topical Bible studies…here we come.  Nave’s make it EASY!  You’ll also get 8 books about church history at a huge discount.

Keeping The Home

Need help getting organized or staying healthy?  Tired of the same old recipes?  This is for you!

Becoming a Homeschool Pro

Perfect for newbie homeschoolers.  Helps you get organized and ready for a new lifestyle.  Also includes “Overcoming Common Homeschool Problems”

Time Managment For High School & College Students

The title sums it up.  As I was visiting with a young mom over coffee, she expressed her desire to have better time management skills BEFORE she left home for college.  Managing her time was the hardest thing for her at college. Don’t let your kids have the same feeling!  Get them ready to manage their time & life on their own, before they leave home.

The Homeschool Whole Enchilada

Business Products

The SCIENTIFIC Approach to Choosing a Niche!
Ever wonder what niche you should choose? Over 2 hours of video on how to choose a profitable niche on the Internet! Choose A Niche

101 Email List Building Tips
A list gives you power – power to generate money at will. A list gives you leverage. And a list gives you freedom. With a sizeable email list, you can live ANY where you want. You can run your whole business from your laptop like I do. I have put together 101 ways to build a large, responsive email list.

24-Hour Traffic Plan
13 things you can do in the next 24 hours that will drive massive amounts of traffic to your site for years to come! Your Traffic Plan

Teaching Your Children About Debt And Finances
The Bible refers more to the subject of money than any other topic. Where will your children learn these important lessons about finances? Are you teaching them about finances and debt before they find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt?

Promoting Your Blog – In Just 30-Minutes Per Day!
How to gain expert status and build your email list at the same time by using these killer blog strategies!

How to Start Your Own Business DVD

Secrets to Online Auction Success

Online Business Basics

The Business Whole Enchilada