4 Tips to Accelerate Business Growth

How much time do you have?

The same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us have. Right? So, how do you USE those 24 hours? The answer to that question will determine how quickly you accelerate your business growth.

Have you ever analyzed what tasks you accomplish during the day? Especially on those days where you question where the day went and wished you had an extra eight hours to finish your to-do list. Knowing where you spend your time is only part of the equation for success.

Are You a Do-It-Yourselfer?

When you’re first starting your business it makes sense that you want to watch your budget and not hire any outside help or invest in extra education. After all, you need to make money before you spend money, right?

Do-it-yourself business owners take on every task that deals with sales, marketing, billing, and operations, plus everything else that doesn’t fall into those categories. But if you’re working on closing a sale, it stands to reason you don’t have the time to develop a strong marketing campaign or to create content for your website or social media channels.

“Do-it-yourselfers” are stretched too thin and become an expert at nothing. I know. I’ve been one!

Very often these business owners feel behind, like they’re always playing catch up with their blog or client needs, trying to salvage those relationships instead of forging the way to bring in new business.

Are You a Business Leader?

Business leaders know they can’t do everything themselves. They see grand plans for the future of their business and know what their own strengths and weaknesses are.

These leaders will shop around for expert mentors, coaches, and assistants to handle the myriad tasks involved in the back-end of the business so they can dedicate their time to creating content or finding new clients. They build important relationships while their team handles their own areas of expertise.

Can You Go from Do-It-Yourselfer
to Business Leader?

Of course!

Don’t be intimidated by others who tell you something is impossible. In order to change your mindset, find a mentor who can help you work through the reasons why you “think” you need to do everything yourself and identify your fears about hiring help.

Find a mentor who can help you at whichever stage you are right now. What might this look like at first?

  1. Take your mentor’s online course and implement it to automate tasks like scheduling social media or planning follow up email campaigns.
  2. Join your mentor’s mastermind. Become part of the group and grow your business through entrepreneurs who have gone before you, especially your mentor.
  3. Hire your mentor as a business coach. Let your coach analyze your backend operations and give advice for automating certain tasks or suggestions for who to hire next.
  4. Hire an assistant, perhaps a social media manager to keep your accounts current with posts and to engage your audience. Or, hire a virtual assistant to manage your email and your calendar while you’re handling blogging and marketing.

Think of how much time you will save if every one of these team members does their own jobs within the same 24 hour time period. You will definitely see faster growth in your business but making that first hiring hurdle can be tough.

If you’re ready for a complete business analysis and ready to grow your business, call or email me for a discovery call. A good business mentor can simplify your business operations and create a blueprint of how to proceed to accelerate your business growth.

If you’re not ready for a one-on-one relationship with a mentor, I highly recommend taking a mentor’s online course. You can start with the Genius Blogger’s Tool Kit that will be on sale for 2 days only this week, starting tomorrow. Yep, they’re bringing it back in case you missed it last October. Click here to find the courses that will help you automate parts of your business and quit being a do-it-yourselfer.

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