7 Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog

So you have a blog . . . but you’re not making as much money as you thought.

I can relate.

For years, I posted to my blog but made very little money. I want you to avoid my mistakes and get off to a good start making money. So I’m hosting an online workshop to share ways to make more money with your blog.

7 Ways to Make More Money with Your Blog
Tuesday, June 28
5pm EDT / 4pm CDT / 3pm MDT / 2pm PDT

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll discover 7 ways to increase your potential to make more money with your blog. 

I won’t give you a list of things you can sell off your blog. Those types of suggestions are a dime a dozen in Google search results, and they don’t tell you anything except how to annoy more people when you blog.

Instead, I’m going to show you ways to make your blog do more, with less work on your part, to reach the right people and change exits to conversions. That way, it doesn’t matter what money-making strategy you apply to your blog – you’ll know whether or not it’s likely to work.

And you’ll know how to set it up in such a way that your ideal reader will feel like you’re doing her a favor and say ‘yes’.

In this 60 minute online workshop, you’ll quickly learn:

  • How to read your stats to increase your bottom line
  • Which plug-in is the most vital to blogging success
  • Which website page helps your new readers the most & how to create that page
  • 5 Basic questions to answer to help your readers stay on your site
  • Most important question to ask yourself about your visitor … to keep them coming back
  • How to share your free resources, so you keep in contact with them every single week
  • 7 ways to grow your list once your visitor is on your website
  • Where to find the most important stats
  • Where to put your social media buttons on your website
  • 7 ways to increase the sharing power of your blog posts
  • Which stats will reveal the best way to get to the next level
  • 6 winning formulas to write a blog post title
  • How and where to find beautiful, relevant images for your blog post … for FREE!
  • Which metrics to track once your post is online
  • 3 Easy ways to create consistency & brand coherence in your posts
  • How to earn big bucks as an influencer

Right now, we have only 200 seats for this online workshop. I am working on a new location, so we might be able to open up more seats. For now, I highly recommend you register below to reserve your webinar spot:

Registering will also give you free access to the recording, even if you can’t make it Tuesday. We will only send the replay to those who are interested in the replay … those who register for the workshop.

I highly recommend being on the live workshop, if at all possible. I usually have something special for live attendees. See you there!

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