Is Email Dead?

Is email really dead? Is it really worth spending time to grow your email list?

I know what some of you are thinking to yourself . . . “Email is dead. I’ve moved on to social media and the next shiny object to make money”. Let’s take a look at the stats about email marketing.

Others of you are saying to yourself . . . “If only I had a bigger list, I would make more money”. Yes! Another topic I can’t wait to talk about.

Let’s have an honest talk about the most important asset in your business. Exactly what is it and how do I use it to make more money?

Glad you asked . . . because I’m sharing my thoughts that email is NOT dead AND exactly what I’ve been doing the past several years to grow my list, grow my income and grow my online business. My strategies that make email marketing the most important aspect of my marketing funnels.

If you’re not sure what to do with your list, my next Masterclass is just for YOU!

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5 Game-Changing Tactics for Email Marketing Success

Tuesday, October 24

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to Nurture Readers on Your Email List
  • Why Now is the Best Time to Grow Your List
  • Marketing Tactics that Will Transform Your Online Business
  • #1 Place to Send New Traffic on Your Site
  • How to Use Email to Increase Your Income
  • Why Your Email List is Your #1 Asset

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Who is Kerry Beck?

That’s me and I raised three kids to have a strong work ethic and make wise financial decisions. All three of our kids have worked in our family’s online businesses and know how to run an online business.

Now … I have the privilege of helping moms, dads, teens, empty nesters make money on the side.  Then, turn that side business into a full-time income, like I did back in 2020. 

In 2020, I lost half my income and had to turn my “hobby” online business into a full-time income. Thankfully, I kept my email list going through those “hobby” years. My email list is the main reason I could go full-time in less than 3 months.

I offer step-by-step helps to grow your list, build your blog, create your own digital products, as well as set up marketing funnels and email sequences. My favorite strategy is using one-time offers to start making money. I can’t wait to help you move your blog or online business to the next level.

Besides hanging out with my grandkids, I love to read in bed on Saturday mornings, try out new recipes and sip on a yummy glass of wine with friends.