3 Easy Steps to Create Digital Products

For bloggers & online businesses in nearly any field, creating digital products is the best way to:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Grow your brand
  • Earn more profits

So why aren’t more entrepreneurs adopting the product creation strategy? Like you, they’re stuck in the process, unsure of the steps to take to create digital products.

create digital products

Step 1: Identify a Need

As an entrepreneur, you have great insight into the wants and needs of your ideal client. You chat with them on Facebook, answer their email questions, respond to the comments they leave on your blog, and even work with them one-on-one.

What is it they need the most help with right now?

This is the product you should be creating, because you already know you have a built-in audience.

Step 2: Gather Your Documentation

If you’ve been blogging or working online for more than a few weeks, chances are you already have all of the answers required—all you have to do is organize it. Some places to look for content you can re-purpose include:

  • Your blog
  • Your emails (and autoresponder)
  • Your client calls
  • Your social media accounts
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Your personal checklists and worksheets

All of these things (and many more) can be edited and organized into a comprehensive product that solves a serious issue and you can do it in less time than you might think. After all, you already have the bulk of the work done to create digital products!

When I wrote my first ebook, I began with my audio workshops. Back in the day, we didn’t have videos of our workshops. I re-purposed my audio workshop by having it transcribed. Then, I edited the transcript and sold it as an ebook on our website.

Today, I could have a broader audience by selling it on Amazon through Kindle, where you have built in buyers.


Step 3: Create Digital Products with THE Solution

Now that you have your content, it’s time to put it together in a way that will make sense to your audience. Will you…

  • Write a Kindle book?
    This is a great option for solving a very focused, single problem. Even better, Kindle books offer a fabulous opportunity to reach a wider audience & eventually upsell to your other offers. If this is your first product, you might want to start here.
  • Create a membership site?
    For a comprehensive, step-by-step course, you can’t beat the flexibility of a membership site. Great option for covering many topics around one need or problem of your clients.
  • Offer a group coaching program?
    Add personal time with you to your membership site and you’ve got an instant group coaching program. Not only that but you’ve dramatically upped the value (and cost) as well.

Your choice will depend largely on the scope of the solution. Is it a simple answer that can be explained in a few pages or is it a complex issue that requires several weeks of work?

Deciding how to create digital products doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Sure, you can start from scratch and design a massive, all-inclusive course if you like.

But when you’re just getting started, that’s a daunting prospect. Instead, work with what you already have and you’ll have your first product up and selling in no time.

Digital products are hot sellers during this time of quarantine.

Have you pivoted your business to take advantage of people’s buying habits?

If you want to speed up the process of creating your digital product…

I have two methods that can help. I have a few coaching spots to walk you step-by-step in creating your product. Email me, if you want one-on-one help.

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