Automate Your Digital Marketing Funnel with 3 Quick & Easy Website Tweaks

When it comes to leveraging your time, automation is the sharpest tool in your toolbox. It allows you to get more done in less time, and to smoothly move people through your digital marketing funnel.

How can you automate parts of your business?

How can you spend more time on important areas of your business?

As a small business owner, you may have overlooked your website and the easy tweaks you can make to keep your digital marketing funnel working for you.

I’ve got 3 easy website tweaks for you. We’ll look at the first one today. It’s one of my favs.

As a small business owner, you may have overlooked your website and the easy tweaks you can make to keep your digital marketing funnel working for you. Let’s take a look at 3 website tweaks you can make this week.

Automate your digital marketing funnel with 3 quick & easy website tweaks

Digital Marketing Funnel Tip #1:
Grow Your Email List with Your Blog

When I was preparing for a huge giveaway, I decided it was time to improve my follow up sequence … to review my digital marketing funnel in that category.

I completely revamped my funnel after a reader took advantage of my free offer. In addition to updating my funnel, I updated all my blog posts in that category.

How did I updating those blog posts help to build my mailing list?

I added an opt-in form for my free giveaway item on each blog post. Once my new readers claimed their free item, they started down my digital marketing funnel which made sales for me.

Like any smart business owner, you likely have opt-in forms on your website. They’re in the sidebar or footer.  You might even have a pop-up to capture attention as visitors as they arrive.

But do you have a solid call to action in each of your blog posts?

Your readers come to read your great ideas. That’s where they spend the most time. When a new reader is consuming your posts, he’s primed to learn more. Give him the opportunity by offering an opt-in at the end of each & every post.

Even better, make it a logical next step by offering a free resource in each  & every post. I call these a loss leader. They are similar to what grocery stores sell at a loss, to get you in the store.

Each loss leader gets your reader more invested in you, your brand, your website.

These offers typically consist of a simple checklist or worksheet and should capture attention by providing even more information about a topic they’re already interested in. When your reader signs up for that offer, they enter your digital marketing funnel.

Do you need help driving traffic to your site to grow your email list?

Grab our Scrappy List Building Checklist below. It’s completely free. I hope this list sparks more ideas to grow your list & make more sales.

Digital Marketing Funnel Tip #2:
Related Links Keep Them Reading Your Blog

To be honest, I don’t do this often enough. In fact, I’m working on related links this week. What’s a related link?

When you mention something in your post that you already wrote about, you should include a hyperlink to that blog post.

For example … on my homeschool blog a few weeks ago.

I wrote a new post about the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon called Moon Videos for Kids. In that post, I mentioned a subscriber favorite: Oreo Moon Phases activity.  So, I linked the words “Oreo Phases of the Moon” to the previous blog post. I included those exact words because that is my keyword for that page.

This is an important maintenance job that will help provide visitors with the information they’re looking for by linking related posts together.

Not only is this strategy good for keeping visitors on your site, but Google likes seeing related (interior) links.  Posts that link to each other encourage search engine bots to crawl your site more thoroughly, and help boost the rankings of your most relevant posts.

Hint: Don’t have time to hyperlink to other pages on your site? This is a perfect job for your virtual assistant. In fact, I’m adding this task to my VA’s doc after I finish this blog post.

Hint 2: Don’t have a VA? Work on this while you’re watching TV in the evening.

Digital Marketing Funnel Tip #3:
Make the Best of Your Giveaway Pages

I’m super excited about this last website tweak to put your marketing on auto-pilot.  I use this auto-pilot tweak all the time in my homeschool marketing.

Whether you’re giving away a free report or paid product, your giveaway pages can pull double-duty by offering visitors a “what’s next” option.  If you’re enrolled in our Magic of OTO course, this will sound very familiar.

I offer items as giveaways. Yes, you read that right.

For a limited time, I give away an item that I normally sell on my website on a regular basis.  Why do I do this?

When I join with other bloggers in a huge giveaway, I have hundreds of people grab that resource and get on my marketing list. Wouldn’t you like to add hundreds of people to your list in less than a week?

As soon as they sign up, they automatically land on a page with an incredible offer. What type of offer?

For free giveaway pages, a related, a low-cost product is best.

It gives readers the chance to learn more about you with a small investment. Generally speaking, I use the strategy of Magical OTO. The strategy of one-time offers at incredibly low prices.

I’ve been surprised and happy how many sales I’ve made through one-time offers at the low price of $7. In fact, you may have seen one of my OTO’s when you landed on our Niche Pro Tool Kit for only $7 after enrolling in our Magic of OTO E-Class.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The magic of this offer is the timer … which does not let you see the page again after the offer expires.

The cool thing about this entire system is it’s all on auto-pilot. It’s all set up ahead of time, so I don’t need to manually make this happen.

Now, for paid product pages where your customer does pay you for a resource, consider offering a complementary product instead.

It’s the same idea you see on big business pages. Since you bought that item, you’d like this resource. Or, another way is to say, “Other people who bought this item, also bought these incredible resources.”

What’s a good rule of thumb to follow on your website?

Whenever a reader lands on a page, he should be offered the next logical step. When you write your blog posts or create your giveaway pages, keep that in mind your digital marketing funnel. If you follow these strategies, your funnel will practically fill itself. Mine does!

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