Every Blogger Needs This

When I think about moving forward in my business, there’s one thing I know will always help me.

  • It’s not more followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • It’s not the new, flashy course that will help you tens of thousands.
  • It’s not more time to create more products.
  • It’s not more people on your list. Although this is very important.

What helps me move forward is what I did this past weekend. I took a break. A long needed break from all things business. All things internet.

No Facebook to check.
No email to sort through.
No business at all.

Our family spent the weekend at Jellystone Park in North Texas. Our granddaughters loved every minute of it . . . and so did Gigi. We played together. We cooked together. We ate together. We relaxed together.

Both nights after the kids went to bed, I sat around our campfire, visiting with my adult kids. What a treat to talk about life and what’s going on.

We weren’t roughing it too much because we rented a cabin with a full kitchen. air-conditioning, hot showers and TV. But, the TV never came on.

Actually, I took my laptop, thinking I would check on my weekend sale early Saturday morning. Instead, my granddaughters crawled in bed with me. . . so much more important.

How Can Rest Help YOU &
Your Online Business?

I see three types of rest from our family weekend that will help me be better prepared for my week.

1.Rest from Thinking about Business

Our brain needs a break from the everyday routine in our lives, including blogging or online business. Our brains have a focus and un-focus mode that work together. Both modes need to be used.

When you turn your “focus” brain off, it will retrieve memories, link ideas so that you become more creative.

Srini Pillay, MD

On a daily basis, I work for 25 minutes (focus mode). Then, take a 5 minute break (un-focus mode) to do something not business-related. Sometimes I empty the dishwasher. Other times, I water the plants and take a short 5 minute walk.

This past family weekend, I was on un-focus mode, starting Friday morning through Monday morning. I’m ready to focus on work, in a more productive and creative way.

2. Walking, especially Walking Outdoors

Walking also allows your brain to take a break. When I get stuck in work, I go for a walk, usually outdoors. I have some of my best ideas while walking.

Similarly, our family did not rent a golf cart at Jellystone Park, so we could walk from one activity to another. Lots of walking!

According to Stanford studies, walking encourages more mind-wandering and aids later creativity. Not only walking, but walking outside offered added benefits since creativity didn’t fade immediately afterwards.

3. Sleep

Both nights, I got a full night of sound sleep. It was awesome, especially since I was greeted each morning by my 3 and 5-year old granddaughters. We live in a society that thinks the more we work, the more productive we will be. This is not true.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, allows our brain to rest and be better ready for the next day. Burning the midnight oil will not help you be more productive or think of more creative solutions for our blogs.

Let’s face it, rest is the playground for creativity and a springboard for new ideas. My mind is clearer after a weekend away from business and blogging. I’m ready for my week.

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