Give Back

That’s a good question you should ask when you follow bloggers.  It’s been about three years since I answered that question, so it’s time for an update. If you prefer to watch my video on why I speak, write, blog, scroll down to the bottom.

Why do I speak, write, blog?

In a nutshell, I write, speak and blog to share Jesus Christ and help Christian moms.

More specifically and most dear to my heart . . . I write, speak and blog to share Jesus Christ with an extremely poor neighborhood in El Salvador. No, they don’t read my blog or hear my conference workshops. They speak Spanish and my Spanish is “muy mal”. That means very bad.

How does my speaking, writing and blogging help a Salvadoran neighborhood? Glad you asked.

I work with SHIP in El Salvador and . . .

  1. All profits from your purchases on the How to Homeschool My Child website (ebooks, curriculum, audio, video) go to SHIP, a group that works in El Salvador to share Jesus with the poorest neighborhood in the capital city. .
  2. All profits we receive from your conference registration fees (like A New Year, Your Best Year: 2019 Conference for Moms) go to SHIP. .
  3. I go to SHIP El Salvador almost every month to grow relationships with families. In 2018, I was able to see 3 kids trust Jesus as their Savior. Your purchases help buy a plane ticket. SHIP does not pay for any of my flights. I purchase every flight myself. .
  4. Although our business does not sponsor an individual student, Kerry coordinates the sponsorSHIP program, including 102 students (K4-University) .

Our scholarship students from 2018.

How are your website & conference purchases helping families in El Salvador?

  • You help pay for teacher salaries at our brand, new, K4-K5 school, Escuela La Luz de Jesus, opening January 10, 2019
  • You help buy educational supplies
  • You help pay for tutoring for the 73 neighborhood kids we send to a private, Christian school
  • You help provide clean water for the poorest neighborhood in the capital city, San Salvador
  • You help buy building supplies so we can “remodel” their homes & build relationships to share the Gospel
  • You help pay workers to build a new building to house the classroom & SHIP shop
  • You help pay for meals for the entire neighborhood, after we have an outreach & share the Gospel
  • You help provide computers for our La Luz de Jesus and our tutoring center
  • You help pay for electricity at our women’s work center, sewing center and La Luz de Jesus

Most of all, the money donated to SHIP in El Salvador is used to build relationships and earn the right to share the good news Jesus Christ.

We’ve watched families break down and cry after we give them four walls and a roof that no longer leaks.  Through these relationships, we are able to share Jesus Christ work on the cross.

Thank you for the investment you are making when you purchase from How to Homeschool My Child or attend a conference through my website links.

Take a look at the people you are helping. My favorite pictures are at the end 🙂

Kimberly is one of our new K4 students at Escuela La Luz de Jesus,
SHIP’s brand new school that opens on January 10, 2019.
Her mom comes to sew when her job allows.

Steven gets help at tutoring.

Katherine is baptized by our founder, Robert Horton.
Her mom was baptized on the same day.

Boys and teens come to our Bible study.

Waiting for our monthly Outreach that includes singing, testimonies,
prayer, message, dinner (for 140) and door prizes.

Our sewing group, led by Janise. When we left in July, these ladies made 1000 purses in the next two weeks. They are paid by the item they make. SHIP is now selling their creations in the United States.

We even provide pre-marital counseling and host weddings. You never know how God will use you to spread the Gospel.

My Favorites:

These three kids trusted Jesus as their Savior this past summer &
I had the privilege to be with each of them when they prayed. Praise God!

If you’ve read this far, would you pray for Angel, Nahomy and Lionel to grow in God and be a light to their neighborhood.

Thank you for the investment you make in these kids and families, every time you purchase through How to Homeschool My Child or buy your conference registration fee through our website. You are making an eternal impact in these families.

If you would like to attend A New Year, Your Best Year: 2019 Conference for Moms and use our link, you will support SHIP’s work with these families. Click here or use the link below. I’ll also send you my Best Year 2019 Bundle for free when you use this link. It’s still only $15.

Here’s the video that tells you more of our SHIP story: