Are You Ready to Grow Your Business? Taking It to the Next Level?

But you’re not sure how . . .


•Do you have others to talks through your decisions? Solopreneur can be lonely.

•Is growing your business overwhelming?

•Do you struggle to stay focused?

•Could you use someone to come alongside you?

•Would a step-by-step action plan help you really put this into practice?

•Or better yet, accountability from another blogger?

•Would it help to have others to bounce ideas around?


To be more specific, here’s what a fellow blogger told me. Can you relate?

 I have a crippling fear of having NO ONE AT ALL read my blog so I have NEVER started it. If I knew of a solid way to market to new potential readers then I would relax and actually move on with my idea/blog.


If you’re stuck in your business or afraid to move forward, read on.


If you’re like me, you see shiny objects to grow your business every day. Some days, I even stop to pick them up.


What happens?


I get off track. I lose my focus. I don’t follow my systems. I become stagnant in my business.


Maybe you aren’t distracted by shiny objects. Maybe you think your content isn’t good enough and no one will read it, much less buy it.


To be honest, I have these feelings on a regular basis. Almost every month.


Some of you look at me and think, “Really? You have a successful homeschool business and think your courses aren’t good enough?”


Yep. It’s called Imposter Syndrome and I must fight it all the time.


I want to help you attack distractions and Imposter Syndrome … or whatever else is holding you back from growing.


Enter the Weapon to Destroy . . .



Imposter Syndrome

Lack of business growth.


Take your business to the next level with a new weapon:


FamilyEbiz Mastermind

To help you take your business to the next level…wherever you are

To give you a trusted group of entrepreneurs (advisors) to listen & advise on your next step

To help keep you accountable & focused

To help you focus on profit-making tasks

To provide cutting-edge, up-to-date strategies to grow your business

To help you overcome your fear of no one reading your blog posts or buying your items


Our Mastermind is designed to help you grow your business, to get over that hurdle that’s holding you back, to use the power of a group and accountability.


Each FE Mastermind Group will have 4-5 business owners that meet once a month to help each other. I will facilitate each group so we stay on track.

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to share one strategy that’s working for you and one area you need help. As a group, we will brainstorm solutions to help you move to the next level.


That means each member gets customized help. You’re not depending on a vault of courses to work through. You’ll get immediate help in our monthly meeting.


Each member walks away with a personalized action plan for their business.

What will you do at each Monthly Meeting?

•Each blogger shares 1 strategy that is working for them right now

•Each blogger asks for help in 1 area of business

•Group brainstorms solutions

•Power of group vs Single Coach

•Each blogger turns in Pre-Homework to be fully prepared

•Each meeting will follow Agenda & Timer to stay focused-to help YOU

•Mastermind will be recorded & distributed

•Each blogger will receive summary of Personal Action Points for upcoming month


Total Value $300/month

How do you get started?

1.Sign up for a Mastermind Group (button below)

2.Fill out the Application

3.Join others in your group

4.Prepare to have your specific problem solved

5.GROW your business

Afraid the Mastermind Group can’t help you with your problems? Your issues?

I get it!

That’s why I will be facilitating all the Founding Masterminds. I will bring my expertise, along with our other members to help you quit being afraid, quit being distracted, quit following the wrong system.

Plus, you’ll get your own personal Board of Advisors. Your mastermind group will become a Board of Advisors to listen & advise.

What else will you receive in the FE Mastermind?

•Personalized Monthly Action Plan after Mastermind $27/month

•Video Recording of each Mastermind $27/month

•Pre-Homework Template $27/month

You’ll be prepared

•Private Training by Kerry or Guest $97/month

•Printables for Private Trainings $37/month

•Private Facebook Group (all mastermind groups)  $27/month

Total Value $242/month

Let’s summarize all of this:

•Monthly Mastermind & Recording $300/month

•Monthly Mastermind Bonuses $242/month

 Total Value $542

Steve & I paid $10,000/year for our first Mastermind

Recently, I was given the price of $300/month for 2-hours group virtual coaching

New Mastermind Member $47/month

OR …SAVE 2 months with our

Annual Plan of $470/year

New Members Bonus Package

Boost! Tools to Boost Your Business to the Next Level $197

Added to your account 1 module/month,

after your first mastermind meeting

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Video Training ($25 value-instant access)

7 Steps to Being Motivated & Staying Focused Video Training ($25 value-instant access)

  Total Value $247

What does this mean for you?

You’ll receive my $197 course for FREE when you join the FamilyEbiz Mastermind this summer. Plus 2 essential video trainings to move forward.

•Monthly Mastermind & Recording $300

•Monthly Mastermind Bonuses $242

•New Members Bonuses: Boost & Video Trainings $247

 Total Value $806 + Surprises Along the Way

 Mastermind Price $97/month

 New Members (through next week) $47/month

OR …SAVE 2 months with our

Annual Plan of $470/year

When you join FE Mastermind and

follow the personalized Action Plans:

…Move from Nobody in your niche to Rock Start who serves your audience well

…Quit doing all the work manually & Follow Systems to give you more Freedom. Freedom to spend more time with your family.

…Quit Trying to figure it out on your own, which leads to confusion & lots of wasted time. Focus on profit-making tasks

This product is digital. Nothing will be shipped to you in the mail.

NOTE: By grabbing this resource, you will receive FamilyEbiz.com newsletters and other online business information.