Offer More to Grow Your Business

You’ve researched your niche, carefully selected your products, and advertised them on the Internet. A few customers have placed orders, and your search engine rankings are improving, bringing new visitors every day.  You’ve got all the basic small business website design principles in place.  Yet you’d like to take it to the next level, to make amazing profits with your online business. So what are you missing?

I’ve been there.  I’ve learned how to build a successful online business, and I’ve learned some important lessons along the way.  For example, I’ve learned that if you offer more, you get more in return.

How many times have you bought a new DVD, sight unseen, because your favorite actor starred in the movie?

Do you have a favorite author, one whose books you always buy (even in hardcover)? You like their work, and you want more. When they delivered, you couldn’t wait to buy!

When you offer more to your customers, they have the same reaction.  If they have already purchased your product, experienced your wonderful services, then they are more likely to buy from you again.  We all prefer to buy from those we know and trust.

So how can this help you?

You can start by capturing the e-mail addresses of visitors to your site.  Easy-to-use software collects e-mail addresses automatically, and can even send e-mails to your clients without your help.  This effective Internet marketing technique will help you build a successful online business.

Once your customer has completed his purchase, what are the chances he will return to your site?  Very few customers return, even if they save your site.  You must give them a reason to return.  So what do you have to do?

First, always look for new products to offer your customers.

Second, don’t let them forget about you – keep in contact.  Use auto-responders to send e-mails advertising new products, special offers, and more.  Some people see this as rude.


If you came over for a visit one day and then ran into me on the street the next day, you would expect a friendly greeting.  If I never spoke to you again, you would definitely think I was rude.  Don’t make the same mistake in your business.

Develop an e-mail list so you can stay in contact with your customers.  Include an opt-in page, preferably on your homepage.  Offer your customers something valuable in exchange for their first name and e-mail address – consider a newsletter, free article, or similar offering.  Your e-mail list will grow quickly.

Huge companies harness the power of the Internet to make amazing profits with their online business.  That technology is available to you, too.  Use your e-mail lists to educate your subscribers, and to advertise new products, great deals, and more.  Your customers will love to hear from you, and your online business will thrive.

Want an example of how to “offer more to get more”? 

Let’s say that you are selling an e-book for $27.  You hope to quit your day job, but it may take a while.  Still, that e-book has tickled the imagination of many of your clients, and they want more.  Imagine what would happen if you developed a $97 e-book, with video and audio.  Your customers love it, and order the $447 home study course.  They excitedly tell their friends, who tell other friends.  Before you know it, your $997 seminar is full, and you need to add extra dates. Quit your day job sooner – give them what they want!

Offer your customers more, and you will get more in return.  Find out which customers want more, using customized e-mails sent by an automated system.  By giving your clients quality information and products, you guarantee they will keep coming back for more. Both of you will be very happy!

Finally … not sure which auto-responder or email software you should use?

Personally, I’ve been using Aweber to send my emails since 2006. Yep…for over 10 years Aweber has been a part of my online business.

I’m excited that Aweber is offering one month free trial to test-drive their system. To get that free trial, click here and then look for the green button in the top right corner.

Although I recommend Aweber highly, don’t just take my word. Watch what Amy has to say about Aweber.

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