Online Countdown Timer for Tripwire or OTO pages

What in the world is a tripwire or OTO …. and why do you need an online countdown timer? Let’s take a look at each of these terms and then I’ll share my favorite online countdown timer you can use with both your tripwire and OTO offers.

A tripwire is an irresistible, very low-priced offer with the purpose to convert an audience into customers. It’s a no-brainer for your reader or customer. All of a sudden, your reader’s journey turns into a customer’s journey by letting them dip their toes into your marketing funnel … without having to make a big purchase.

An OTO is also called a one-time offer. A clever marketing strategy to increase sales by offering an incentive to readers or customers to spend money on a related product/service that’s offered one-time only.

A good online countdown timer has the ability to stop the tripwire or OTO after a specified amount of time. The software in the timer can redirect your reader to another page when the timer has expired.

My favorite online countdown timer for webpages is Countdown Dynamite. I’ve used this online countdown timer in a variety of ways.

  1. 30-Minute Tripwire Offer – Irresistible, no-brainer offer
  2. Flash Sale – 24 or 48-hour sales (or any time period)
  3. Dated Sale – Ends at midnight on Thursday

In each of these cases, Countdown Dynamite is able to end the sales price and redirect your reader to the regular priced page.

When a reader grabs a free resource, I can have them land on the 30-minute tripwire page. It doesn’t matter if they grab the free resource today, tomorrow or six months from now. They will always land on the 30-minute tripwire offer. When 30 minutes expires, my reader can’t get back to the incredible offer .

I also offer flash sales in my email sequences. Again, my reader can enter the email sequence at any time. When they are offered a flash sale price for 24 or 48 hours, they must make a decision in that time period. With Countdown Dynamite, they are redirected to whatever page I choose when the flash sale time period expires. Generally, I choose the regular priced page for that item.

Finally, I use the Countdown Dynamite for my webinar sales. These sales are a bit different because they are actually dated offers. For example, I can host a webinar or Facebook Live Workshop where I offer a special bonus or discounted price that ends at midnight. All I need to do with Countdown Dynamite is set the timer to end at 11:59pm on the correct date.

I love Countdown Dynamite because it is so versatile.

Let’s take a step back and see what Countdown Dynamitee is all about?

What’s the Problem?

Your readers today are apathetic. They browse the internet in a “zombie-like” state. It’s often hard to get them to take ANY action. They have a million things on their to-do list, and buying from you isn’t high on their priority list. 99% of them will come to your products or resource pages, and then leave, without buying anything. UGH!

Many marketers say “this offer will expire at midnight tonight.” But who believes that stuff any more? Nobody.

Not only that … since most pages have a “fake urgency”, many readers feel like they’re being lied to. OUCH! This drops conversions even more.

Even if you do make a real special 2-day offer, what happens with the people who visit your website later? They see last week’s offer, but they don’t get the great deal, they feel left out, and they don’t buy anything from you.

What I Found?

Robert Cialdini, in his book “Influence: The Psychology or Persuasion”, mentioned several key ways to make people take action. One of them is urgency. When your offer is only good for a limited time, people pay attention (and pay you money), because they don’t want to “miss out” or “be left out.”

But it has to be REAL urgency.

In a way, you must train your audience that you mean what you say.

With a little help from Countdown Dynamite‘s technology, you can make REAL limited-time offers to EVERYONE who comes to your site, no matter when they do so. You can essentially create a “limited offer in a box” to every visitor. Once your visitors experience this, they will be much more likely to take action.

When you use urgency in your offers, they can convert up to 3 times better or more than if you hadn’t used them!

Countdown Dynamite creates real urgency for your website visitors and pushes them to take the action you want, by automating “evergreen” special offers and one-time offers, with just a few clicks. It even works on stand-alone websites too.

8 Reasons I Chose & Recommend Countdown Dynamite

  • It creates customized, evergreen countdown timers for EACH of your visitors, automatically. If “visitor A” comes to your site, they can see that the offer expires in 30 minutes. No matter how many times they refresh the page, the countdown will continue counting without “starting again.” I love this – & it is the main reason I chose Countdown Dynamite as my website timer.
    30 minutes later, the countdown will expire for that visitor. If “Visitor B” comes to your site after a few hours, they will again see that THEY have 30 minutes to take an action.
  • It creates “specific time and date” countdowns. I can use Countdown Dynamite for all my webinar sales. My webinar offers expire at a specific time in the future. This is also great, if you are doing a product launch for example.
  • It creates OTOs (one-time offers). In this case, each visitor can see your special offer only once. This works especially well if your reader just signed up for a free resource or your customer just made a purchase. You give them a one-time opportunity to buy something else from you.
  • After the offer expires, the plugin automatically hides the special offer (for example, a special order link or any content you specify), and replace it with any content you specify (like “This offer has expired”), OR redirects the visitor to any URL you want. BIGGEST reason I chose Countdown Dynamite
  • It uses both cookies and IP address detection. That way, if your visitor deletes their cookies, or changes browsers, they will still see the correct deadline.
  • No worries about time zone issues with Countdown Dynamite Uses a super-simple way to set a specific expiration date, no matter where you live in the world. For example, I live in Greece and I have always had difficulty converting “GMT” to “EST” and figuring out the correct time difference. Heck, I have messed up the time on two of my own product launches (frustrating, not to mention embarassing). This new plugin however is idiot proof.
  • Totally customizable look. Each of my website countdowns look different. I am able to change the font face, font color, background color, label names and size in your countdown, so it looks exactly like you want it to.
  • It works great on mobile devices. Many countdown timers use “flash” that doesn’t appear properly in mobile devices (because mobile-device browsers don’t support flash yet). Countdown Dynamite appears perfectly in mobile devices. In fact, it will also adjust it’s size automatically, so it looks great, no matter what screen resolution your visitors PC has.

My Suggestion to You

Take advantage of their I DARE any competitor to match my 10-times-your-money-back guarantee:

  1. Grab your copy of Countdown Dynamite
  2. Download it to your computer.
  3. Use it on as many of your WordPress sites as you want.
  4. If you feel you didn’t make back in net profit AT LEAST 10 times the price you paid for the plugin, that you wouldn’t have made otherwise, just send a personal email within 60 days to customer service and let them know.

Either you make 10 times your money back or they will give you every penny back and you get to KEEP Countdown Dynamite as my way of saying “thanks for giving this an honest try.”

Heck, If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think it’s not one of the best ways to instill real urgency to your offers and make more money from your sites (or it’s just not right for you), let them know as well and you’ll get every penny back.

I want you to be a happy customer and so do the people at Countdown Dynamite . Besides, even if you decide that Countdown Dynamite isn’t for you, we can always do business together again in the future.

There are two ways you can buy this timer.

  1. You can buy it for one URL and it’s only — get this, $9. That’s how I started but then I realized I needed to use it on a variety of URLs.
  2. If you want to use it on multiple domains, get the countdown for only $28.89 . 

Either way, it is really cheap. The single domain countdown is less than it costs for a lunch date with your hubs. The multiple domain is less than pizza and a movie for your family.

We’re not selling software that’s $200; it’s ONLY $9 or $28.89, one website or as many websites as you want. Check out Countdown Dynamite now!

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