DCA Bonuses

Digital Course Academy (DCA) gives you everything you need to create and launch your course. When I started following DCA’s proven plan, I tripled my income from my launches the previous year.

Since I wholeheartedly believe YOU could have similar results when you follow Amy’s DCA strategies, I am offering you these bonuses when you use my partner link to enroll in DCA.

If you act quickly … which I did when I enrolled in DCA, you’ll get ALL of Amy’s bonuses and my Fast Action Bonus.

I enrolled on the webinar and received ALL of Amy’s bonuses. Those bonuses helped me launch a new version of Raising Leaders, Not Followers. As I already said, I’ve tripled my launches from the previous year.

Kerry’s DCA Bonus Package (value $400)

3 Group Coaching Calls ($300)

I’m offering 3 group coaching calls after you complete each of these sections of DCA. These are the most important sections of DCA, in my opinion.

  • Course Creation / Find Your Right People
  • Pre-Launch & Launch
  • Webinar Plans & Email Funnels

Webinar Checklist ($50)

Not only will you receive these group coaching calls, I will also offer my Webinar Checklist ($50). I’ve been offering webinars since 2005. I totally believe that webinars drive sales and see the results in my bottom line.

For that reason, I’m sharing my webinar checklist for you to use in your launch.

Busy Mom’s DCA Planner ($50)

So many of you are busy and get overwhelmed thinking about creating, launching and following DCA’s proven plan for courses. That’s why I’m offering my Busy Mom’s DCA Planner as a gift to you. OK…guys can use it, too. You’ll receive the prep planner after you join DCA. On Monday of each DCA module drip, you’ll receive the next section of our planner. Then, you won’t be overwhelmed. You’ll have a plan for one week at a time. That’s really all you need.


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Fast Action Bonus (value $250)

If you are one of the first 5 who sign up for DCA with my link, I will give you a one-on-one review of your course outline & your course launch. These reviews will take place after you decide on your course topic and plan your course. If you are one of the first 5, you’ll receive $650 in bonus gifts from me when you use my partner link to sign up for DCA.

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