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Why Should You Consider the Blog Pro Tool Kit?

The Blogging Pro Tool Kit has exactly what you need to get started making money with your online business or blog . . . . as long as you continue to build relationships through your email marketing. Email Subject Lines and Email Writing Secrets will help your email marketing. The Blogging Pro Tool Kit will help you in areas that are necessary, but not covered in email marketing

What will you discover in the Tool Kit?

  • How to turn freebies into sales…really!
  • How to grow your list
  • How to use email to grow your list and relationships with your readers
  • How to use email to make more money
  • How to figure out your best business idea
  • How to monetize your blog when you giveaway a freebie
  • And so much more . . .
What will you receive in the Blogging Pro Tool Kit?

One Time Offers:
Make Money with Your Blog

Discover the magic tools of One-Time Offers and add to your bottom line

Turn your freebie followers into customers who pay you money with these one-time offers. Watch this video class to see exactly how to do this.

One Time offers have added to my income consistently each month. They are the bread & butter of my blogging income right now. Find out what I do to make money by giving away freebies on my blog and still make money.

101 List Building Tips ($19.95)

  • List Building Do’s and Don’ts
  • List Building Basics
  • Writing Money-Making Follow Up Messages
  • Relationship Building Secrets
  • How to Make Money With Your List
  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques
  • Where To Put Your Opt-In form
  • Opt-In Page Basics
  • Promoting Your List
  • Offline Promotion
  • Increasing Opt-In Conversions
  • List Building Problems
  • Take Your List Building and Marketing to the Next Level

Take Your List Building and Marketing to the Next Level with

Brainstorm Your Business Ideas & Daddy Warbucks Proposal Tips ($9.95)

What type of business should you start?

What niche should you be in?

How can you get started with confidence?

All of those questions are answered in our 6- step system to creating business ideas where YOU can succeed. How to Brainstorm Your Business is a step-by-step process to help you get started.

Not only will I help you choose a good niche just for you … or decide what type of business you should start … I have strategies to help you ask “Daddy Warbucks” with a venture capital request.


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Blog Pro Tool Kit
FLASH SALE - only $9.95

... for the next 15 minutes

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