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What is Your #1 Tool to Make Money with Your Blog or Online Business?
& What Will You Do After You Grow Your List?

If you say it’s creating your ebooks, courses or other products you’ll sell to make money, I ask you to think again.

Without my email list, my business would not make much money. Sure, I need products to sell, but my email list is my #1 tool. 

Social media may be sexy, but you don’t control it. You DO control your email list. For that reason, I spend a most of my time increasing my email list and sending emails my readers can’t wait to open. 

Are your followers opening & reading your emails?

Do you struggle with what emails to send to find buyers?

Do you know what to write & how to write your emails?

Our Email Marketing Tool Kit Can Help YOU!

{21 Ideas} to Get Your First 1000 Email Subcribers for FREE $19.95

As you go through these ideas, remember to treat your list with the respect it deserves because this is your audience.

These people arenot just numbers in an autoresponder list; they are people who understand your value and who WANT to hear your message.

These are the people who need a little more coaxing before they buy.

Also keep in mind that you don’t need to implement all 21 ideas at once. Pick and choose which ones appeal to you and which ones are easiest to implement.

Once you try a few new things, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t, at which point it’s easy to make a change.

Email Writing Secrets ($37.00)

Emails that get opened take time to create. How in the world do you get your emails opened & read? This ebook will show you how. Look what you’ll discover:

  • Writing Powerful Emails – How Vital Is It?
  • The Single Most Important Purpose of Your Email
  • What You Need to Know Before Writing Your Email
  • Tools You Strictly Must Have
  • Different Types of Promo Emails You Can Write
  • Writing Your Email Subject Line
  • The Purpose of Your Subject Line
  • What Makes an Attention­Grabbing Subject Line?
  • Examples of Powerful Subject Lines that Work
  • Writing Your Email’s Body
  • Making Your Opening Email Catchy
  • Writing the Body of Your Email Copy
  • Important Tips on Getting Your Email Read
  • Moving Your Reader to Take Action
  • How to Write Powerful P.S.’s
  • Common Mistakes People Make when Writing Promo Emails
  • Getting Your Email Read & Followed Through

37 Best Email Subject Lines ($9.95)

Did you know the subject line is the #2 most important part of your email, if you want your readers to open your email? What’s #1? You’ll have to read Email Writing Secrets to discover #1.

For that reason, I brainstorm and test my subject lines on a regular basis.

I know what it’s like to come up with subject lines that my readers will open. I certainly don’t want to use the same subject lines over & over again.

So, here’s your chance to copy & paste subject lines … to get your emails opened

All 3 of our resources in the Tool Kit will be $66.90 if you bought them separately. Since we are bundling them together as a Tool Kit, you can invest in our Email Marketing Tool Kit and SAVE $$$



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