Videos are the Hottest Marketing Tool Today!

Are you using video to grow your business?

If you love the idea of using YouTube and capturing your share of their 122 million active daily users, then you’re in the right place! However, just turning on your phone and recording your first thoughts thinking they’ll get you noticed right away isn’t going to cut it!

When it comes to YouTube, it’s smart to incorporate proven strategy into your plans; otherwise, you’ll be sorely disappointed with your results.

As big as YouTube is with its millions of viewers, you’ll need to actively market your channel and you’ll receive great ideas in this planner.


Quit “Making It Up As You Go”

Marketing Forever

Discover how to create the right videos that attract your ideal customers, so you can sell them your products & services.


By the end of YouTube Video Marketing Plans Made Simple, you’ll have a marketing plan in writing. All you need to do is take action and implement it.


One bit of advice:

If you’re apprehensive about appearing on camera, do some practice runs before you publish anything. We are our own worst critics and I guarantee you’ll ALWAYS find something that you’d like to change or do differently.

No joke…I took 10 takes for a 3-minute video once because I kept getting tongue-tied! But I was also winging it without an outline or plan of what to say, so I learned the hard way that I’m not cut out for that method.

With this planner you’ll know exactly how your videos should look, you’ll discover your first 12 topics, and you’ll decide if you need outsourcing help or if you’re ready to tackle video by yourself.

We’ll go through all these options in this planner. Ready to get started?

In our 7 modules, you’ll walk away with:

-Nail Down the Theme of Your YouTube Channel

-How to Come Up with your First 12 Video Ideas

-Plan Your 90-Day Video Content Release Schedule

-Create Your Monthly Video Creation Schedule

-Map Out Your Video Editing Process in DIY or Outsource

-Set Up Your Content-Ready, Subscriber-Ready YouTube Channel

Go Viral! Share & Promote Your Videos Everywhere

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