Map Out Your “Client Getting” Webpages

Is Your Website Working for You?

It’s simply not enough to throw up a simple website (like spaghetti on a wall) and leave it there.

Those days of any old website are gone.

What are you going to do to get your customers or clients?

You need to build webpages that work for you … whether or not you are in the office today.

Banish “Spaghetti on the Wall”

(That’s Hopeful) Marketing Forever

When you finish all 7 lessons in Map Out Your “Client Getting” Webpages, you’ll have a website that works FOR YOU! How so?

You’ll know exactly who your target audience is.

Plus, you will grow your business on automation.

While you sleep or go on vacation, you’ll be getting new clients, customers and potential customers who will pay you over and over again. When you return from vacation, you can pick up the more active marketing needs.

Remember as you go through this planner that YOU are in charge of your business. Quit thinking that you’re bothering someone with your message. Be prepared to speak your message consistently so you can develop name recognition and attract more loyal followers.

Make your online presence work FOR you while you sleep or go on vacation and then pick up the more active marketing reigns when you return.

Map Out Your "Client Getting" Webpages Curriculum

  • Welcome
  • STEP ONE: Know Your Website Goals & Audience
  • STEP TWO: Design Your User Flow
  • STEP THREE: Envision Your Ideal home Page
  • STEP FOUR: Create Your Compelling About Page
  • STEP FIVE: Encourage Trust in Potential Clients
  • STEP SIX: Show Off Your Expertise
  • STEP SEVEN: Welcome the Press

Hoping that your website’s unique monthly visitors will contact you is wishful thinking. (More spaghetti on the wall marketing)

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